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There are many people in the world that struggle to keep a healthy marriage. There are also many couples out there that file for divorce. The ones who are committed to saving their relationship refuse to abandon their vows and love that used to be there just because they’ve fallen prey to human weaknesses. So they choose marriage therapy in hopes of saving their relationship.

The goal of marriage counseling it to help the couple improve their communications. By improving your communication skills, the better chance you have at fixing your marital problems. With therapy, it allows you and your spouse to have more productive arguments without resulting in more pain and anger. Marriage therapy can help couples learn how to fight and argue in a way where both spouses are expressing themselves in a calm manner. You also learn to improve your listening skills.

Many couples who are going through infidelity seek counseling. Marriage therapy can help couples explore their feelings and address what the effect of the affair had on their marriage. Therapy for couples with physical or emotional affairs can help them figure out how to move forward in their marriage and help them learn skills they need to deal with the impact of the affair.

Couples who have a better chance of saving their marriage through therapy are fully invested in their counseling sessions. They are both willing to look at themselves as well as their marriage to figure out what went wrong and what they can do to improve their relationship.

Here are some pros and cons to marriage therapy.

-You get an opportunity to understand your spouse in a better way and be able to relate to them.
-You can increase the value you hold on your spouse that can be the driving force to help you guys find a solution to making your relationship work.

-Many couples depend too much on counseling. Unless they take what they learn at therapy and apply it to their relationship outside of their therapy sessions, you marriage will not work. You need to exert effort to make your relationship work in and out of therapy.

Marriage counseling can help save your relationship. It allows couples to learn a better way of communicating so they can find a solution to make their marriage work. It helps couples develops, trust, respect and open communication as well as the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. It helps troubled marriages strengthen the foundation of their marriage that has been broken.

These are the things you should know about marriage counseling. Counseling can help save your relationship if you apply what you learn to your marriage.

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There are many situations in relationships that invite therapy to work through. You may be wondering: does marriage counseling work after an affair? The answer is yes, when both parties are committed to making it work, this type of therapy can work even after an affair.

Marriage is one of the most sacred bonds on this planet no matter what religious beliefs you subscribe to. The longer you’ve been married and the more you love one another, the more difficult it is to just walk away, no matter how deep the betrayal may be. This works in your favor and can be of a huge benefit to you as a couple when you agree to therapy.

An affair is a huge betrayal of the love you have in your marriage and the love your partner has for you. It is easy to play the blame game but that really accomplishes nothing. You need to really work to keep t

Getting involved quickly though is one of the keys to a successful outcome. So step asking “does marriage counseling work” and start getting the counseling you need to work through your marital problems.

One thing holds true regardless of all else. Doing nothing won’t work at all. Going to therapy and attempting to work through the affair as well as the events leading up to the affair will help you both come to terms with your individual roles in the relationship and where the breakdown really lies.

The most important thing that marriage counseling really accomplishes though is that it forces the two of you to communicate and really talk to one another rather than just going through the motions of your day to day lives and talking at each other.

If you are at the point of asking: does marriage counseling work, then you probably realize that having an affair was not the best solution to your marital problems. Chances are that there is a lot of love between the two of you. If you can find a way to hold on to that love then you have a better shot at success than most marriages.

While there is no perfect solution for all marriages there are a few universal truths that can be learned and explored during the course of your marriage counseling sessions. Take it seriously and you are likely to leave with a happier, healthier marriage than ever before.

If you aren’t getting the results you wished for from marriage counseling or you feel that you need additional help in order to get your husband back then you will find a few great solutions.

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A common question I’ve seen people ask is ‘Does Marriage Counseling Work?’ While it is natural to ask this question, I believe a better question to ask is: “What can I do to ensure marriage counseling works for me?” Hence, I’ve chosen to share these 3 tips so you can make the most of any marriage counseling session you choose to attend.

Tip #1: Have at least one goal BEFORE you attend any counseling session.

For marriage counseling to work and be effective, couples or individuals must decide on at least one goal they would like to achieve, as a result of attending the session.

Without a goal in mind, it is impossible to determine whether marriage counseling has helped you to improve your relationship or not.

So, for example, you can decide:

  • I want us to be able to talk about money calmly and rationally, without raising our voices at each other.
  • I want my husband to learn how to listen to me.
  • I want us to work out our differences and become closer.
  • etc…

When you and your spouse enter a counseling session with clear objectives of what you would like to achieve, your marriage counselor can help you work towards that goal.

The bottom line is: This is YOUR marriage. Don’t expect your marriage counselor to tell you what your marriage should look like. He or she can’t do that for you. Only you and your spouse can decide what is best for your partnership.

Tip #2: Don’t wait too long before going for marriage counseling.

Ideally, it is best to go for counseling when both of you are motivated to work towards a happy and healthy marriage together.

However, many couples will only turn to counseling as a last resort to save their marriage from divorce.

The problem of ‘waiting too long’ occurs when:

  1. one party no longer cares about the outcome of the marriage,
  2. one partner strongly believes that divorce is the only way to end their problems.

In these situations, there is no guarantee that marriage counseling will work because your marriage can’t improve as long as one partner is resisting the change. In this case, it may be useful to use marriage counseling to help your reluctant partner see the consequences of separation and divorce instead.

Tip #3: Accept that marriage counseling is a process that takes time to work.

If the problems in your marriage are quite serious, chances are it took a period of time for them to become this way.

Hence, it is unrealistic to expect one session of counseling to be a magic wand that will heal everything overnight.

As long as you set realistic and specific goals for marriage counseling, as well as give yourselves a reasonable timeline to see improvements in your relationship, you will not be disappointed.

More importantly, you need to be patient with yourself and your spouse. Give each other enough time to learn and practice new ways of communicating. Also, be sure to acknowledge your partner’s efforts.

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Is your marriage on the brink of dissolution? What has made your marriage go into ruins? These are tough questions for individuals that are going through marital distress. But, there is always hope! Please take into account that in order for marriage counseling to work both individuals must be active participants. Therefore, does marriage counseling work?

If you look around at marriage forums you will discover many different opinions about the benefits of marital counseling. The opinions are varied. However, there is one area that seems to be of concern for those that have been through counseling. This will be discussed later on.

For those that are contemplating a separation or divorce ask yourself what will happen if you do nothing to save your marriage. The following questions should guide you in the right direction.

Question 1 – If you separate or divorce, how will this affect other family members? Will there be even more discord? Or will there be relief and joy?

Question 2 – If your marriage dissolves, will you regret it? Things can get fuzzy when the mind gets overwhelmed. Think through and make an educated decision.

Question 3 – Have you looked at the total cost of a divorce? You must look at the numbers and make sure that you are going to be ok.

Question 4 – Are you better off without him/her? Are you ready to let them go emotionally or are you still very attached to them? You have the answers within you…

How you answer the above questions will determine the commitment that you have in saving your marriage.
Do you want to rekindle the marriage flame or not?

If you are lost and confused do not despair. There is a solution. You need proper guidance and knowledge. Marriage counselors are expensive. This a huge concern for many couples. They cannot afford it. What is there to do? Discover a cheaper alternative with terrific results...

I hope that you will be able to find resolution to your marital distress and that you will be able to give two thumbs up to the question, does marriage counseling work?

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Marriage counselling isn’t the first choice for most couples. Most couples will try and sort out the problem themselves before seeking professional help? This means that marriage counseling is the last hope for couples who are desperate to rekindle the lost love once again in their marriage. However, there may be a cheaper, and more effective way to do so. Let’s try and answer the question does marriage counseling really work?

A licensed marriage counsellor is basically a psychologist. A psychologist understands the complexities of human nature and it is these skills which helps the marriage counsellor solve the marital problems that exist amongst the couples.

Here’s a list of the most common problems a marriage counsellor will encounter between couples: alcoholism, monetary problems, low self-esteem, health issues, physical or verbal abuse and extramarital affairs. These marriage counselling sessions allows both partners to be totally open with each other and get everything off their chests and out in the open.

The intervention of a marriage counsellor should never be taken lightly. This must be the very last resort. Marriage counsellors costs range from $75 per hour all the way up to $300 per hour. It is very unlikely that all your problems will be solved in one hour so be prepared to spend quite a lot of money on these services. Again, it all depends on if you really have tried everything you possibly can to try and save your relationship before seek these services. At the same time though, you can’t put a price on happiness.

The truth is that 90% of relationships can be reconciled simply through communication. It’s all about what you say though, you need to have a solid strategy. Check out this Does Marriage Counseling Really Work?.


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Are you having horrible fights with your spouse? Are you not sure your marriage is going to last? Do you find yourself wondering, “Does marriage counseling work?” These are questions that are all too common in marriages. Unfortunately traditional marriage counseling is not very effective in saving your marriage.

Traditional marriage counseling heavily relies on a technique called active listening. Active listening involves one member of a couple airing out their grievances while the other listens and tries to understand. In theory active listening should make the person listening realize how the person that is talking feels.

This technique is great and all… But it DOES NOT work when you are fighting. Active listening will just lead to people saying hurtful things about each other when they are fuming about something.

This is where the problem lies with traditional marriage counseling. If you go to a therapist they will try this active listening exercise with you… This is why the success rate of marriage counselors is estimated to be somewhere around eighteen percent in the long run.

So when does marriage counseling work?

One of the main aspects that can make marriage therapy work is to find one that helps you nurture you fondness and friendship between you and your partner. Good marital counseling will help you to nurture your positive view of your spouse.

It may seem pretty obvious but if you think of your partner as a close friend and you trust and respect them you will have a good buffer when bad times do hit. If your friendship is strong the thoughts of splitting up do not strike every time you and your spouse have some sort of a conflict.

The best way to avoid this conflict and contempt is super obvious… but most people overlook the simple fact that you really need to like the person that you are married too. If you can find a way to remind yourself how much you like your spouse you are much more likely to avoid lingering thoughts of contempt that break up so many marriages.

If your respect and admiration for your partner has faded your marriage is in dire need of some work. Without the fundamental respect and trust you cannot maintain a healthy marriage.

This is why the standard advice of “You need to learn to communicate…” often does not work for troubled marriages. In order to make your marriage work you need to bring back the fondness and admiration that you once had for your spouse. This really has nothing to do with communicating more effectively…

The first step to turning your marriage around is to get in touch with your deep feelings of respect and affection that you have for your spouse. The better in touch you are with these feelings, the more likely you are to survive the rocky parts of your marriage. A lot of traditional therapy focuses on communication and understanding without touching on the fact that you really need to bring the admiration and passion back into a marriage first.

So to answer the question, ” Does marriage counseling work?” is yes. But, only if you can find a marriage therapy that helps you work on the flaws that are creating contempt and negative feelings with your spouse. Learn more at

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